Campervan in the winter? Sure!
Those who say a campervan isn’t right for winter holidays never tried a Kyros.

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Kyros campervans dispel this myth and offer everything you need for a problem-free holiday in cold climates.

The result is comparable to the performance of a medium motorhome (with length of 7.4 metres and rear central bed) which, with an internal volume double the campervan but very different build, bodywork and materials, reaches the target in the same time. This is all possible thanks to ExPS Evo technology, which makes Kyros a van suited to winter use.


Want even more?

Choose between the two additional equipments that enhances on-board comfort still further in the event of the coldest conditions, proving the product best suited to those who prefer certain colder destinations.

Winter Pack:

  • Grey water tank insulated with a 15 mm layer of polyurethane.
  • Electrical probe with thermostat positioned close to drain valve.
  • Insulation of external water pipes.
  • Insulation of external heating pipes.

Arctic Pack:

  • C6 combigas boosted heater
  • Thermal blind to protect side windows
  • Thermal blind to protect dashboard
  • Insulated rear curtain

Exclusive equipment tested in the climate chamber: Kyros equipped with Arctic Pack reached the target of the standard in 95 minutes!