CI presents Riviera, the perfect Low-Profile Motorhome for traveling in autumn
From 12 November 2019

CI presents Riviera, the perfect Low-Profile Motorhome for traveling in autumn

Outdoor tourism in the fall by Riviera, the Low-Profile Motorhome CI

Outdoor tourism lovers rejoice, autumn has arrived and with it the magical spectacle of the foliage, the changing of colors of the tree leaves leaves of the trees that are prepared for the cold of winter.

A feast for the eyes, made up of a thousand shade, observable in many European locations and nothing is better than a motorhome to discover this phenomenon of nature.


Riviera, or how to make the most of space in a low-profile motorhome

With the beginning of the cold weather there is the need to have a greater storage capacity, in order to be able to load all that you need; bags, sweaters, blankets and much more. On this front the Riviera motorhome does not disappoint: it is specifically designed to meet your need of space.


The double floor of the Riviera low-profile motorhome CI

The strength of the Riviera motorhome is precisely the load capacity, thanks to its technical double floor, with an internal height of 190 mm, which removes the floor from the roadway, allowing thermal and acoustic insulation.

It is a system made up of two floors, one higher for the plane of the cell (38 mm) and one lower (20 mm) which isolates the tanks of clear and gray waters from the outside. Therefore this provides protection and plenty of extra stowage space.


CI Riviera low-profile motorhome stowage capacity

Furthermore, stowing the camper is very simple, both internally and externally, thanks to the pass-through locker (550 lt) to carry all the sports equipment such as trekking poles, snowshoes and even skis. The floor hatches (105 lt) and the shoe holder (35 lt) obtained from the opening of the electric step are perfect for smaller objects, such as trekking boots, rain boots and after skiing.


All the space of your home in a low-profile motorhome

Not only a large storage capacity, but also large spaces ib the living area , starting from the XL door with a 620 mm useful passage, moving on to the very airy and luminous interiors, thanks to the standard “open sky” roof, the large windows and an internal height of over 2 meters.


Other features of the low-profile CI motorhome Riviera range:



For your fall holidays choose Riviera, the CI low-profile motorhome, as big as your desire to travel!

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