CI van offer is growing
From 08 September 2020

CI van offer is growing

The CI van offer is growing, now divided into three different levels of fitting, with the aim of offering a range able to embrace more and more users.

And it is precisely in pursuit of this target that a new range of vans arrives, always called Kyros, which, however, is at the base of the offer with the aim of addressing a neophyte kind of customer, who, although at first experience, chooses to turn its attention to a new vehicle.

All this thanks to a particularly competitive launch price, with numerous standard features such as Combi 4 diesel heating, cab air conditioning and ESC.

There are three entry models currently available, offering some of the most sought after and well-known layouts of CI  productions today: Kyros 2 with 5.99 m length and the standard transversal double bed at the back; Kyros 5 which, in the same length, has two bunk double beds in the back of the vehicle; Kyros Duo, the longest in the range, which offers comfortable twin beds in 6.36 m


The kitchen unit, on the other hand, is designed to increase the feeling of space and airiness inside the cab by eliminating the classic column that separated it from the rear bedroom. So here is a single floor, divided on two different levels, which houses the kitchen unit with two burners hob and sink with external mixer and a worktop obtained above the wardrobe which, as usual, is located behind the rear bed.

Also new is the location of the refrigerator in the edge of the wall unit, opting for the 70 litre compressor solution, equipped with a practical door opening on both sides, so that it can be used both inside and outside the vehicle. 


The bathroom, an environment redesigned to provide comfort, functionality and usability in a small space. Inside, the compartment is divided into two different parts, with the WC with swivel bowl on the left, the washbasin surmounted by a wall unit and the window that can be opened, while the right part is entirely intended to house the shower, which can be separated by a curtain with removable magnets. The shower stall adopts a lowered tray, dedicated dispenser placed on a rail and storage compartment. A room therefore already complete with all the necessary equipment, both in terms of functionality and ventilation, as well as a development that allows the creation of a real small shower stall.

Space and comfort. The Kyros vans sleeping area offers large beds with ergonomic anti-mite mattresses. There is no shortage of stowage space thanks to the large wall units and the elevating or removable bases that you can manage as you prefer, according to your travel and stop needs.

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