Motorcaravan holidays for all the family
From 27 February 2023

Motorcaravan holidays for all the family

Travelling with children in a motorcaravan can be a great experience for the whole family and a way to create unforgettable emotions and memories. The adventure begins during the trip: each crew member has a task to follow and is responsible for it.

Here are some tips to make your motorcaravan trip as pleasant as possible.

Plan your motorcaravan travel itinerary

The first advice is to plan in advance the route and the stages to do during the trip. Choose the most child-friendly places, such as playgrounds, museums, nature parks and beaches.
It doesn’t matter to be too picky on the way, because the camper will allow you to change location and destination once you arrive. You will have to adapt to the program changes or to the needs of children, so that you can all fully enjoy the trip.
So the planning will give you a first idea of the holiday and maybe the chance to book some rest areas.
Take all the time you need along the way: during the itinerary try to make frequent rest stops to allow children to move and play. There is no need to make runs to the autogrill for the bathroom or to look for a restaurant, you will have everything you need available.

Involving children in travel planning

Ask the children to participate in the choice of the stages of the journey and of the activities to do during the trip. This will make them feel excited and involved.

Bring games and activities with you in your motorcaravan: a rainy day can happen, then how to entertain children?
To not rely always on TV or Playstation, books or comics can’t be missing, to be read in comfort in the sofas of the dinette or in the sleeping area. As an alternative, board games and cards are excellent options for engaging young and old in a fun and immersive gaming experience.

Planning the motorcaravan stowage

Make a first initial shopping with the food you want to bring, so you can have healthy and tasty meals during the trip. It does not matter to fill the rooms and the garage with food. Part of the beauty of the places you will visit is also the possibiity to taste the local products that you will find. You can load sports equipment for the entertainment of the whole family and various clothing, depending on the destination and on the period: with CI you will never have stowage problems.

In motorcaravan with the little ones

If you have a very young child, you can easily change the diaper, warm up the baby food or bottle in the motorcaravan. You may also consider to set up a travel cot in the vehicle in place of the dinette table.
Depending on the age, your child could also eat at the head of the table in the dinette with the adults: for this, on the market there are table seats that firmly lock to the floor. There is nothing to be afraid of: motorcaravan holidays are safe for them too.

A motorcaravan holiday is a pet friendly holiday

When we say that it is a holiday for the whole family, no one is excluded, not even our 4-legged friends. Dogs and cats won't suffer from loneliness and it won't be necessary to look for structures that admit them.
Inside the camper it is recommended to create a suitable dedicated area in compliance with the provisions of the highway code.
Animals must not be kept free in the passenger cabin, but placed in a comfortable carrying case. This prevents them from slipping and being injured after a sudden braking.

Enjoy your motorcaravan trip

You just need to choose the environment that will make you feel at home and enjoy the trip, trying to create unforgettable memories for the whole family.

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