Kyros the Campervan CI for the winter
From 13 November 2019

Kyros the Campervan CI for the winter

Winter is almost upon us and the season of winter tourism is about to open officially to Christmas markets and winter sports.


Winter holidays with Campervan CI Kyros

For camper van lovers and winter holidays fans, the cold is considered a problem and, for this reason, people often give up a weekend dedicated to Christmas shopping or the skiing week with the campervan, convinced that this vehicle is not suitable for the cold months.


CI Kyros: the Campervan that does not fear the Cold

Peole often think of vans as vehicles that are suitable only for good weather, summer destinations and water sports. This is undoubtedly a false belief, which is totally denied by the Van Kyros CI, the campervan that does not fear the cold and offers high performances just like a motorhome.

To achieve the maximum efficiency against winter cold, CI has tested the entire Kyros range in a climatic chamber, achieving the Grade 3 certification of the EN 1646-1 Standard, which require to reach and maintain the internal temperature of 20 ° C in a short amount of time. How so? Thanks to the excellence of the heating systems and isolation of the materials, which able to fight the coldest climates.


Optional CI Kyros, the van for the winter

Furthermore, with the addition of optional equipments, to stay warm is even easier, even with the most rigid conditions.


CI Kyros Winter Pack

  • Grey water tank insulated with a 15 mm layer of polyurethane;
  • Electrical probe with thermostat positioned close to drain valve;
  • Insulation of external water pipes;
  • Insulation of external heating pipes


CI Kyros Artic Pack

  • C6 combigas boosted heater;
  • Thermal blind to protect side windows;
  • Thermal blind to protect dashboard;
  • Insulated rear curtain.


The advantages of the CI Kyros campervan in the winter time

Therefore traveling with the CI Kyros campervan in winter has two important advantages:

  • High performance like a motorhome
  • Small dimensions (under 6 meters in length) that allow you to travel the most crowded places, thus avoiding the problem of parking.


So go ahead with with skiing weeks and Christmas markets abroad Kyros, the perfect CI van camper for the winter!


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